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The move is more 'green' with boxes for hire  May 24, 2023 – 02:31 pm

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REMOVAL: always a moment full of emotions, but often equally full of fatigue and stress. The operations for packaging are certainly among the most demanding in the preparation of our 'perfect move'. Buy cardboard boxes or go hence to try to clean and undamaged, wrap them with miles of tape to reinforce them and duty and close them tightly in an effort to save our world - entrusted [recklessly?] In those boxes. And hope that it will be sunny, so that those containers and their precious contents are not turned into a shapeless heap of paper mache. If all goes well then, parcels have arrived at their destination and the weather was gorgeous, remains the inevitable burden of unpacking and recycling of cartons. From environmental point of view is not the best: all that cardboard - oh well, even if often recovered to the 'super' in the house - for recycling or landfill immediately after use, leads us to think of a more sustainable alternative. And the alternative someone has thought about - and done (even if not in our continent): Good Boxes , a company based in Toronto, Canada, decided to rent reusable containers to the inhabitants of the Greater Toronto Area interested in relocation operations . How does it work? Easy: Good Boxes provides containers at home and then proceeds to take them back two weeks later at the new house. Each container - then cover with rain-proof - can hold up to 70 pounds and can be stacked for a total of 700 pounds, and has an estimated lifetime of 200 uses.

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When I was 7, my Dad became ill and my family was separated. It was extremely traumatic for me. My Aunt took over the situation and decided where each of us kids would go - in the wake of a lot of commotion and the packing of our things and arrangements for us to stay with others, she told me that nothing was happening and it was none of my business.
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  • Avatar K Can an adult, a teenager, and two children live on a $1,500/month budget in Ontario, Canada?
    Jun 16, 2013 by K | Posted in Renting & Real Estate

    Would $1,500 be enough to cover groceries, electricity, hydro, gas, rent, etc.? Would we need to rent an apartment, a house, or what? I don't really know what I'm doing or anything, but I thought I'd come here to just ask in general, is this a possibility? Or is that not enough to cover costs of living?

    • No. Not even close.

      Living costs vary significantly on Ontario. Toronto is extremely expensive. However, even in a less expensive city...

      Rent on a three bedroom apartment would be at least $ … yourself alive. With three children and only $1,500 a month, you'd probably never pass a credit check to rent an apartment. You'd have to rely on income assistance programs (welfare), food banks, friends and family, etc.

  • Avatar sakura How Old Do You have To Be?
    Feb 08, 2013 by sakura | Posted in Toronto

    I'm going to move to Ontario without my parents for High School, currently I am living in Alberta and I am in grade 9. Even so I'm excited, how old do you have to be to live by yourself but have your parents pay for the school, condo, and foods? Since they are paying and all is it okay?

    • You can live by yourself starting at age 16, but your legal guardians must support you financially until you turn 18.

  • Avatar Housefan What Is Canada like compared to the us?
    Nov 10, 2009 by Housefan | Posted in Other - Canada

    Like what is the government?
    and The Medical Care?(i have pvc's and i was wondering if they could help me in an emergency)
    And how (if possible) does an american get Canadian citizenship?

    • You can find out about Canada's government by googling it. An American who wishes to become a Canadian citizen applies to do so and goes through the process of qualifying, which can take years. Medical care is a provincia … coverage in the province they live in, and have the card to prove it. I don't know what pvc's is, but if you don't legally live in Canada or have travel medical insurance, you pay out of your own pocket for medical care.