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Marina goes kitesurfing: Holiday in Safety Bay  December 5, 2012 – 00:00

As of today share in the hostel room is again fashionable ... So I've spent the last days to the fullest again exploited my stuff on the floor spread. :) This is probably the next month end. And even after my return, when I have my own room with mom and dad again, then that is already full to the brim with all my stuff from my apartment ... Just the thought of seeing this many moving boxes I would prefer to consider no longer come back. haha ... No, do not panic. I now have tickets for Philipp Poisel concert in May and already see myself eating salami baguette with champagne at Alex and Tarte Hatari sitting.
- Was clear, ne? :-)

My road trip has brought me back due to wind back to Perth. Lancelin was awesome. On Saturday we were 17 kite girls. And I have this morning met even a kite on the beach in Perth, who was probably in Lancelin on the weekend and then said: Oh, so you belong to test this huge group of girls on the beach? Somehow felt pretty much every weekend in Lancelin. They even have riders met again, you I have spoken once on the beach a few weeks ago.

On Sunday, all are then returned to Perth and Monday was the small fishing village again deserted.

I had to kite already enjoyed between a few seals, but the story is circulating that only last week a girl standing on a surfboard and a sea lion / seal jumped out of the water and have it bitten in the neck, taking almost the artery has taken and the girl was so badly injured in hospital. No idea if it's true - they looked so cute but always from the Seal Sanctuary in Friedrichskoog? When we are kited to the island, which you can see in the photos, so we have a rather uneasy feeling accompanied ...

So am on Monday back to the flat where I could still remain to this day. Seemed to me as if I was 3 weeks away and am finally back home. Actually I've lived here for only a month. But the evening cooking sessions with my roommate and morgenliche jogging to the dog beach has apparently been missing me.

Since Tuesday and Wednesday was no wind, I have instead of Gossip Girl Season 5 durchgeguckt in 24 hours and just a little bit abgegammelt - without work, without kiting without organize or something to do. Just times lived in the day. That was for a change once again very nice. Something else so you can treat yourself so rare.

Source: marina-australien.blogspot.com

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A bizarre turn of events/things come full circle

When I was 7, my Dad became ill and my family was separated. It was extremely traumatic for me. My Aunt took over the situation and decided where each of us kids would go - in the wake of a lot of commotion and the packing of our things and arrangements for us to stay with others, she told me that nothing was happening and it was none of my business.
I lived with a couple from our church for a few months and then was abruptly taken from South Texas to West Texas to live with another Aunt. I had no warning....had just got comfy where I was and yet another yanking away without an explanation to me

Peoples Bark News Berkeley

From: [email protected]
Date: Mon Sep 24, 2001 6:21 am
Subject: Peoples Bark News Berkeley
Inkworks Press has created 2 windowsigns ----
'Justice, not Vengeance/Let us not become the evil that we deplore'
and 'Hate Free Community/Stop Racist Attacks.'
We've also made flyers of Barbara Lee's speech before congress on 9/14 under the headline 'Barbara Lee Speaks for Me...t, 22 Sep 2001 22:29:34 -0000
From: [email protected]
Subject: Re: banned music
I haven't heard anyone sing This Land is your Land either.
--- In [email protected]..., John Hoaglund
Banning music! Next they will be burning books and kicking in shop
windows! The list includes a song that is specifically about that: Run Like Hell from

Donated school supplies stolen from Ken-Ton Closet  — Buffalo News
Donated school supplies stolen from Ken-Ton Closet. Jill O'Malley, director of the Ken-Ton Closet, told the Buffalo News on Wednesday that hundreds of dollars' worth of donated school supplies had been stolen from the organization.

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