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Toronto, Canada: chasing the garbage truck  March 31, 2023 – 10:13 am

In Burlington, a small town near Toronto, Canada, I am staying with a great friend. It was about 13:30, we finished lunch and talked excitedly about services including local separate collection. Coincidentally, the passing garbage truck, what he thought was a daily service. "It now only back next week, " said Gabriel, my host. I realized that this was the only chance to see the truck running and ran in search of the camera. Here the household waste is split between organic, recyclable and common. In Brazil, Gabriel lived in Wells Syrup (MG), which had the habit of separating recyclables in a separate container. Although there were no wells in selective waste collection, garbage themselves separated and sold the recyclables. My friend did his part to help.

Here, something similar happens. But instead of improvisation interested by the local garbage collectors, there is a machine which separates recyclable automatically. Thus, it is no longer needs paper, metal, plastic and glass containers distinct.

The other difference is that all organic waste is collected in biodegradable bags and turns manure. Finally, since 2010, several cities, including Toronto, have programs where garbage trucks use gas produced by the waste exiting. Cool.

I found the camera. Here we are in winter with temperatures often below freezing. But the good heating allowed me inside the house, being dressed only in a flannel shirt, shorts and ... Hawaiian.

With this dress, opened the door, and in a cold 4 degrees below zero searched the truck. He was already two houses ahead. Given the distance and the temperature went trotting behind him, camera in hand, watching the distant drive gari. I thought - this guy will think I'm crazy.

As I approach, the first step was to explain that it was Brazilian, who wrote about environmental issues and was interested in the technology of garbage collection in Toronto. Brad, gari day, was so friendly as sincere. He looked me up and down, or rather up to the feet of Hawaiian and said confirming my prediction: - I thought you were crazy.

Restrained laughter. Misconception undone, he showed me how it operated. Brad on the side of the truck dumps the contents of the boxes left by residents. There is a place for organic waste and one for recyclables, which are only separated by the machine tank. When the fixed side full, it triggers a motor that causes it to rise, basculhe and pour all the junk in the trunk main truck. To move it to the next house, he does not need to sit in the driver's seat (Brad also drives the truck). Standing in one of the doors, it has controls that allow you to move the vehicle ahead. Handy for those who go it alone.

Source: www.oeco.org.br

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