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The City Government responds more police for the 11 missing  June 3, 2013 – 00:00
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Mancera Mayor digs in silence about criticism for case management has shaken the idea that Mexico City is safe

New wave of insecurity in the capital, AGNES Santaeulalia
PAULA CHOUZA Mexico 3 JUN 2013 - 4:22 CET Seven days after the disappearance of 11 youths at the exit of a nightclub in broad daylight in the central Zona Rosa in the capital, the Federal District Government has responded by increasing the presence of police in the district. A total of 100 officers from this Sunday oversee security in the area.

The specific request was made ​​by the head of the Federal District, Miguel Angel Mancera, who was the head of the City Attorney's Office for much of the previous administration.

So far the authorities continue with investigations to try to locate the missing, and the restaurant's owner, Ernesto Espinosa Lobo. A week after the strange event, which would be the first of its kind in the capital - no confirmation about the rapture not a strong hypothesis about what might have happened. The unofficial version, built by the statements of the family, based on the alleged testimony of a young man, he says, he escaped the kidnapping, is that the missing group-young people between 16 and 30 years of the popular neighborhood of Tepito- was removed from the club in a hurry by the owner of the premises, with the excuse that there was to be a police raid, and was waiting outside a command of people with their faces covered that took three vans.

During a press conference on Saturday, the attorney general of Mexico City, Rodolfo Rios, released images of the videos are analyzed. The prosecutor said that after reviewing the images detected between eight and ten suspicious vehicles, vans and moving trucks of which revealed no further details on that claim may have been victims. In any case, the agency began investigating the case last Wednesday, four days after disappearing youth. A recent report by Human Rights Watch found that in the case of disappearances, l as first 24 hours are critical to the success of the investigation. This Sunday the attorney told the newspaper El Pais that would not make further statements on the case, as "all that is needed to communicate, I was told."

In his Twitter account, the security studies specialist Ernesto Lopez Portillo , criticized the official silence on this case. "Every official message coming down the seriousness of the case Heavens (the name allegedly disappeared delafter the young), the increase in the public's perception, " wrote this Sunday also founding director of the Institute for Security and Democracy (Insyde) . He added two more messages: "Political communication scandals around violence requires extremely high doses of specialty and sensitivity". "It has long been known that violence scandals poorly communicated by the authority increased mistrust and insecurity".

While the atmosphere is rarefied in the capital in recent years considered a haven of peace compared with what was happening within the Republic. The Saturday afternoon riot police elements of the Secretariat of Public Security of the Federal District faced off against 100 protestors who carried painted in Tacubaya Metro Station, causing a huge commotion. Collective Transport System subsequently clarified that the action was done to prevent vandalism within the facilities put at risk the integrity of users.

In this case no one was arrested or injured, but the incident did not go unnoticed, even to the political left. Alternate Senator Citizens Movement, Martha Tagle, used his account on the social network Twitter to launch a poisoned dart Mancera "Missing in zona rosa, grenadiers in the subway fare increase, which is happening in the City? @ ManceraMiguelMX " . The theory about the supposed tranquility of Mexico City and its government, is floundering.

Source: codigodelaluz.blogspot.com

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