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The removal men do good!  May 18, 2023 – 01:03 pm

Her consumer junkie and I are moving in September and slowly we should start preparing. The first steps we have taken over the weekend - Sign flea market.

wieder mal gründlichst ausgemistet und aussortiert. I have on Sunday so my wardrobe again thoroughly cleaned out and sorted out. Since quite a bit has come together, which is now available to others. Luckily, I'm mucking not fussy, that freed me, and if a move is pending, I am very motivated. As everything flies out what has not been worn in recent months. und das Nagellackregal dran. Then the dressing table and the nail polish rack was my turn. So much stuff I have not even but a small Beautybox will give it to the flea market on.
I think it will be good to go away. 2 years ago we were already at this flea market and had made very good business. This is a small town flea market where people come really a priority to get their hands on cheap everyday. Since none of searches for chic antiques, but my clothes and jewelry (then I have determined 70% of my jewelry sold) sold like hotcakes. You will not get rich there, but the quantity makes it. And is important to me that I zumülle me with the clutter is not immediately the new apartment. Apartments are fast enough fully experience shows.
I'm looking forward to the flea market! :-)

dran. As all this was done, was definitely still there the bathroom cabinet. There are some half-full products that I eventually just put away. Now need to be emptied or disposed of in September. To motivate myself to destroy the neglected products, I want to show them today.

  • : Die häufen sich immer an. Pröbchen: The pile up forever. I still have a lot in sachet form the cabinet. Must be empty!
  • ist eigentlich eine Tagescreme, mir aber zu dick für den Tag, daher irgendwann im Schrank gelandet. The ritual is actually a cream day cream, but I therefore eventually landed too thick for the day, in the closet. I actually like it but liked and since my regular night cream is still hanging maximum five days, the ritual cream is simply transformed. (Even though I'd rather use an excellent night cream.)
  • liegen auch schon wieder ewig rum. The two Soap & Glory facial products "Catch a wrinkle in time" (cream) and "Make yourself youthful" (serum / primer) are already back around forever. The cream I can not remember, but I do not like the serum. It smells very lemony and for me personally it a no-go. It reminds me Kloreiniger and thus has lost nothing in the face. But these are personal olfactory memories that come up there. ;-). I'll probably use it more on the neck and décolleté.
  • hatte ich total vergessen, obwohl es wirklich sehr cool ist. The Soap & Glory Scrub I had totally forgotten, even though it's really very cool. Smells great and has a perfect scrub consistency. Is made definitely empty.
  • ist so gut wie leer (auch wenn das hier nicht so aussieht). The Vandini body oil by the miller is as good as empty (even if it does not look like here). It's not the best body oil I've ever had, but it was ok. Will be empty in the next few weeks.
  • hatte ich mir letztes jahr in London gekauft – gleich 2 Flaschen davon, ich Depp. Hier hatte ich ja schon berichtet, dass ich von dem Konzept nicht wirklich begeistert bin. The Bourjois nail polish remover I had bought in London last year - equal to 2 bottles of it, I dork. Here I had already reported that I'm not really excited by the concept. The first bottle is already long gone, but here ekes out a bleak existence. Now they must believe. Whether empty or not comes off before the move.
  • , die bald leer sind und einige Schampoo-Proben , die ich aufbrauchen möchte. Not in the picture are 1 or 2 shampoos that are nearly empty and some shampoo samples that I want to use up.

Source: konsumjunkie.blogspot.com

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1. Are you determined to buy things that are on sale? (i.e. if your usual 'brand' is full price, but a similar product of a different brand is on sale, which do you opt for?)
Now, yes. Limited income for a while means when canned tomatoes go on sale, we stock up. We're also buying in-season produce and canning, canning, canning.
2. Do you check flyers (paper or online) before hitting the store? Clip coupons if they are available?
No, we're not that organized.
3. Do you have any shopping habits that annoy your girlfriend/partner/wife? (Or if n/a, how about in past relationships?) Do you prefer to shop alone?
I like to shop alone, but I'm not doing the cooking lately

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