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The old water mills that moved Trillo  May 26, 2023 – 02:45 pm

trillo_fitur_a310113,By Angel de Juan

Before joining the Tagus,the waters of Cifuentes had much to do in Trillo.First,water the meadows.But as the influent flow is generous even in midsummer,his drive,properly channeled,plus natural energy breathed mills,cereal,and electrical,which supplied both Trillo a number of neighboring towns.

Juan Lopez only had daughters.It was not until his death in 1988 when he was 84 years old,the miller of the town.

Mary,his second child,shared with him many years the bustle,sometimes public,sometimes clandestine,milling.He touched exercise the brother he never had and take very physical work that otherwise would have exhausted his father.In speaking of him Maruchi,as everybody knows Trillo,can not hide it for a second undying love he still feels for him.

A metal gate diverted a good drink of Cifuentes at the height of The Channels by passing under the road from the Vega to a manor house,within the ambit of the town center,which was both mill,carpentry and housing,all three a.A narrow channel switch forked served.If there was no injury,the canal drained from his left blank on the river Tagus.Interestingly,for the terrain,leaving one hundred meters above the mouth of the tributary to which previously had stolen the water.

To turn the river,John encarrilaba water right.The current then triggering a system of pulleys and gears that moved rhythmically grinding machinery or mill,as appropriate.Percutía water violently against the impeller blades,a piece of stone,rotating,cylindrical,flattened and flat edge,corseted by metal clamps."The press made up two stones,one fixed and one movable conical teeth grinding rhythmically circling the grain" recalls trillana.

As John was a handyman,invented a system that injected fluid pressure on the grain separating shell was shredded cereals.trillo_fitur_c310113 The miller was also responsible for the maintenance of the gears."The stone teeth descuadraban and dented.Had to raise them with a wooden crane labrarlos if there was still room in the stone or replace them with new ones that do their role without giving problems,"he continues.

Water and friction constant rumor mill could be heard all night."We got used to that so noise if they listened,did not sleep, " he says.

John was a strong man,but needed help.Among his daughter and he poured the grain bags in the hopper inlet.Become flour turns force,fell to a wooden crate inviting him to be collected.For the client to take him,the miller ensacaba again and carried on the horses that came and went."I stayed a while with him at night,but it was my father who just finished off the job.Years after the Lopez built a house across the river."Many nights came in middle of the night with chilblains in cold hands passing grinding, " he recalls.

The State exercised tight control over grain crops,especially on wheat.Necessarily had to sell the harvest at the price established by the authorities and return it Trillo store.It was next to the current Civil Guard barracks.Most farmers did not deliver everything trillanos stipulated.Covert collection made a minor part to make bread with it."So we worked well at night than day. Wheat had to grind on the sly,when the sun set,"recalls Maruchi.More than once an unannounced inspection concluded with the temporary closure of the watermill,the gender confiscated and a fine examples for the miller and his client,who all played it alike with a black market "that was made to eat" ,continues the then young lady.

Source: henaresaldia.com

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