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Moving supplies, where to get cheaply?

If you go to home depot or u-haul, they really try to rip you off on the boxes.
Where do people without money to burn go to get moving boxes and bags?
What I've thought of so far: the supermarket, ask if you can take their produce boxes.
Also, buy paper bags from them because they are excellent for books. There's an appliance store near here that might have bigger boxes too.
But this seems a little beggarish and pauperish to me. Isn't there a place that sells cheap moving supplies?

Advice on Moving from San Anselmo to Fairfax?

We just had our offer accepted on a new home in Fairfax. We'll be moving only about a mile from the place we have now in San Anselmo. Can anyone give me recommendations on free/cheap/good places to go for moving boxes/supplies and or which moving company will do a good/cheap? job of helping us do the heavy lifting. We'll probaby handle a bunch of the boxes/clothes/dishes ourselves, but don't want to break our backs. When we moved here we totally got ripped off by a moving company that doubled the price on us at the last minute or they would drive off with all of our stuff (long story!) so I don't want to repeat that scene again

Need ultra-cheap housing

I currently alternate between traveling internationally and working from home here in the United States. My budget is pretty tight and looks to be getting tighter in the future. Currently I spend about $500 on home base expenses in Reno--housing, utilities, internet connection. I would like to reduce this to $300 or less by moving to a smaller town. I absolutely need high-speed internet, and since I don't have a car, I need walking access to an Office Depot or similar office supplies store, a Walmart or Target, post office and UPS stores, a national bank with safe deposit boxes, a mailbox store, etc

Double-Decker Buses, for Many in City, Are the Height of Irritation  — New York Times
The tours' reach has also extended beyond typical tourist havens: In April, Gray Line New York began a hop-on, hop-off service in Brooklyn, where attractions include Grand Army Plaza, the antique furniture district of Atlantic Avenue, and Junior's, the ..

World Maker Faire New York 2013 Announces 650+ Makers, Presenters, and ..  — MCADCafe
Boasting an array of advanced scientific equipment and a professional scientist aboard, the BioBus reaches over 20,000 students a year, visiting public schools across NYC and the country. Anyone Can Make a ..

A social start to schooling  — Mail Tribune
From left, first-graders Drayk Hardee, Luis Rios, Brooklyn Vidonic and Serenity Wilson have a snack during class at VIBES Public Charter School at Kids Unlimited Tuesday in Medford. Students at the .. Mail Tribune.

A social start to schooling  — Mail Tribune
From left, first-graders Drayk Hardee, Luis Rios, Brooklyn Vidonic and Serenity Wilson have a snack during class at VIBES Public Charter School at Kids Unlimited Tuesday in Medford. Students at the .. Mail Tribune.

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  • Avatar Little Older, Much Wiser I moving to georgia but now I want to move to connecticut?
    Sep 27, 2007 by Little Older, Much Wiser | Posted in Renting & Real Estate

    I live in NYC now and I am moving to Georgia in about 4 months with my mother but me and my boyfriend plans to get married in about 2 years and we want our home to be built. I think building in georgia may be more expensi …answer
    I wont need to be working for those who are concerned with finding employment because me and my husband is doing a home based buisness and we make plenty of money so there is no need for me to work. Thank You

    • One of the least expensive places to build a house is in New Orleans,, La. You wanted the cheapest place ? Well there you have it. You already know the reasons why. Now what.

  • Avatar ch33rbl0ndi3babe Working actors in L.A.???
    Feb 26, 2008 by ch33rbl0ndi3babe | Posted in Los Angeles

    If there's any working actors who have moved to Los Angeles to further their careers, can you …w about resumes, headshots, talent agencies, etc etc. I'm far passed all of that. I just wanted to hear experiences from other working actors and how things are going for them. ------------Thanks for your answers anyways.

    • So, You Wanna Make it in Hollywood?

      Even if you have graduated from high school, college, or even grad school with a Masters degree in Film & Television Arts, the most important thing to remember is thi …ers in SoCal. In the afternoon, the traffic flows away from those centers. Use that in determining where to live, as well. If you can find a place to live less than 10 miles from where you work, then you are lucky indeed.

  • Avatar Rob Taylor Cheapest way to travel to 40+ cities?
    Dec 12, 2008 by Rob Taylor | Posted in Other - United States

    Me and my wife own a small home-based business and I need to travel to all the cities selected on the map below to receive a very, very good discount on parts (very small).

    I'm open for any suggestions on ch … & Midwestern States, making another trip for the northeastern states and maybe fly back, then take a flight to Colorado and drive to the western states and fly back, while showering at truck stops and napping there also.

    • Bear with me because this is going to be a long process and I'll probably bill you for it (jk)
      Delta uses ATL,SLC &CVG as hubs so you may as well take advantage of that [assuming that you can fly w/ whatever su … they can give you the same car every time so that you can buy a set of chains
      As I'm writing this I'm wondering if Delta will give you a triangle fare like : ATL>SLC>CVG>ATL for a great price