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My Minis - My Minis: I Organizing  August 10, 2013 – 00:00

Ok, as I said in my last post, tidying and reorganizing my studio is my next project! :) I hope you will not be disappointed with this series of posts ...
Ok, as I said on my last post, getting my craft room organized IS my next project! :) I do hope you will not get bored by this series of posts ...
I'm sharing this picture again because it always makes me smile and warms me knowing that my mess is not alone!
I'm sharing this poster again because it always makes me smile, and it soothes my soul when i know my mess is not alone!

My atelier:
How do I find it really How is How I wish it were
I started organizing things that will inside the boxes and shelves, leaving the organization of the room itself and even a color scheme for the end. Because ink is somewhat expensive, and because I want to make sure I can find things easily in the boxes / shelves before changing all places ... :)
I've started by organizing things que will go inside the boxes, and the shelves Themselves, the room arrangement and maybe even redoing the color scheme will go last. Because paint is expensive here, and because I want to make sure I can easily find what I want from the boxes / shelves before I move everything around ... :)
Slowly go away ... I've been wrong before, when 'organized' my space last year, and I want to make sure that does not make the same mistakes again. Then will be done bit by bit.
Baby steps ... I was wrong once, when i 'organized' my craft room last year, and I do not want to make The Same mistakes again, so little by little I hope I'll get all done.
I started "attacking" a few items that I used last or who were right there, bothering my sight! :)
I started by some items que I last used or were right there hurting my eyes the most! :)
1) skeins of embroidery: I forgot to take pictures of the "before", but if you have a few skeins know how they can get messy after use. Then I found these plastic plates made ​​exactly for that. It was a bargain: 100 only $ 5! The plastic case has not cost so cheap (£ 10), but I was happy to have purchased:
1) embroidery threads: I forgot to take pictures of the "before", but if you have any of Those you know how They can get messy after a while. So I found Those plastic cards made ​​especially for this, it was a bargain: 100 for only $ 2.50! The plastic box They go in was not that cheap ($ 5), but I'm happy I bought it:
My box looked like this - photo found on Google
My box looked like this one - picture found on Google
Left the platelets - if you need to increase the "collection"
On the left you can see the plastic boards - if I add more to my "collection"
3) wires "bunka" (dont know the name in Portuguese): I was only 4 of them, but then last year I found this great deal on ebay, a lot full only $ 10 - normally each costs $ 1.25, then there could not resist. I used a bit like finish on the parts swap, but it was all messed up inside along evelope they came. Fortunately, I found a box similar to the previous one, but acrylic and deeper but smaller, which already rolled the skeins would fit nicely. And Acrylic is much more transparent. Much better now!
2) bunka threads: I only had 4 of Them, but then last year I got this great deal at ebay, the whole lot for only $ 10 - Usually each yard costs $ 1.25, so I could not resist. Them I used the trim on my swap item, but They were all messed up inside the original envelope in They Came. Lucky me, I found a box similar to the one I used for the threads, but deeper and smaller, just perfect for the bunka packs. Oh, and acrylic, so very transparent. Looks good now!
My envelope looked like this, but bigger - photo found on Google
Envelope looked like this one, but larger - picture found on Google

Much better!
Much better!
3) Oh, I hated this corner: paper rolls & rods of wood: Every time I bent down to pick up a paper or wood, another almost pierced my eye! ... And it was so messy! I had to put everything in separate baskets, but it was not working. Mainly because they were reused trash baskets. The conical shape of the baskets was causing the rollers "strew" and removed any sense of organization:
3) Oh, I hated this part: rolls of paper & my "lumber yard". Every time I was reaching for one of Them, something would almost poke my eye! ... And it was so messy! I did not have them all in separate containers, but They Were not working. Mostly because They Were repurposed trash bins. The conic format would make the rolls and spread not look organized at all:
How was
What it looked like

The problem with baskets ... The problem Caused by the trash bins ...
So I decided to use straight lines! I took these two cardboard boxes and resistendes for free at the supermarket, and simply encapei with craft paper - I chose this role because it is inexpensive, sturdy, neutral color and easy to find. I can always add a little color later using labels transadas ... In one of the boxes just pasted the flaps inside the box to get tougher before ecapar. In the other I cut out the flaps and folded into part of the side, pasting the same reason: become resistant. I want a case shorter than the other because of the different sizes of paper rolls. I used the tabs that had taken to make a "breakdown" in the highest for the woods.
Cut rolls of toilet paper or paper towel to keep the papers rolled.
So I Decided to use straight lines instead! I got these very sturdy card boxes for free from the supermarket, Them wrapped with kraft paper - I chose this one because its inexpressive, easy to find, neutral color and I can always add some color later using labels ... One of the boxes I just glued the top strips to the sides, to make Them even sturdier. On the other one I cut them out, but folded part of the sides and glued inside, for the same-reason: make Them stronger. I wanted one box to be shorter than the other one because of different paper sizes. With the remaining parts I made ​​a partition inside the box taller so that I could Also use it to place the wood strips. To keep the paper rolls + / - The Same diameter, I cut strips of toilet paper tubes (paper towel or ones).
The box I used
The box I used

Strips cut from cardboard tubes to keep the rolled paper in the same size
Strips of cardboard tube used to keep the paper rolls the same size
And there it is! Much better, do not you think? :)
There! Much better, do not you think? :)
More organized!
More organized!
Next step: organizing the tissues!
Next step: organizing my fabric!
PS: if someone has several boxes of Tic-Tac empty, I want! (Freight paid)
PS: if anyone here has several empty Tic Tac boxes, please, I really need them! (I'll pay shipping)

Source: minhasminis-myminis.blogspot.com

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