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The time is ripe: Your UFO reports: 29th June  April 2, 2023 – 10:18 am

Did you see a UFO?Report it using this form or send us e-mail to [email protected]!
Fresno,Calif. - July 7,2013
0pm clear calm night sony trv-103 about 15 times zoom night vision.object from south heading north.no sound,a bright light gets big at times.only me as witness. Robert


31 E 23rd St,Chicago Heights,IL 60411 - 07/07/13,10:15 pm Central Time

It was 10:15 pm Central Time and my boyfriend and I were sitting in the backyard,enjoying a bonfire the fireworks.My boyfriend noticed an orange glow in the sky.It was in the southern sky,above our house,moving to the north. This was larger and brighter than any star in the sky.It could not have been a plane,it was moving too slow and did not have any flashing lights.This could not have been a lit firework as it was too long,Traveled too far and was too high.It was in the sky for about 3 minutes.This 'light' Traveled towards the north before it disappeared.It just vanished. Also,after this 'light',there were no planes in the air for almost 24 hours. This is strange as we are located in a flight path and see planes at least every 30 minutes.But there were no planes anywhere for almost 24 hours after seeing this.



My room in Rocklin,Ca ing face eats - 07/07/13 10:10 to 10:29
Ok so I was trying to sleep then I hear firework / gun shots and I get up immediately looking out the window and I see this orb floating above ground the first one is a street light but the second one looks like one and its not just the looked out my window and its gone Anonomus


Twin Falls,Idaho - 06/07/23: 32



Bangkok - 06/July/2013



Heritage Village,Fontana,CA - July 6.,2013 - 1:05 AM



Newark,Ca - 04/07/13,10:10 pm



Tahrir Square,Egypt - 03/07/2013

Youtube video link:



Between Petaluma,CA & Novato CA just east of Hwy 101.- 01/07/2013



Tracy,Ca - June 27,2013 1:45 am



Malvern,England - june july



Antwerp,Belgium - June 30th 2013 1:30 pm

Part 2:
July 5th midnight till 02h pm
All These crafts were filmed Within a 2 hour period
It's like they performed a show just for me,one after the other.
sometimes they came flying right towards me and right over my house making no sound at all.I did not even used all the footage shot in the Those 2 hours.
Youtube video link:

Part 3:
July 6th midnight till 02h pm
2 triangle shaped UFO's over Antwerp.
Filmed These 2 triangle UFO's looking myself.
These are defenitly no airplanes.
Filmed last night between midnight and 02h PM



Keller,Texas,USA earth - June 28 around 330 am



Dome Valley,Warkworth,Auckland - midnight,20/3/13

The craft displayed That flight characteristics were not normal,including hovering,moving very slowly,turning on the spot,moving sideways and then shooting straight up in seconds.It Appeared to be the size of an A4 sheet of paper held in my hand outstreteched at first and then shot straight up to a much greater height where it was now the size of a bottle top.

The morning before this sighting at 4am we also experienced a large shock wave,Followed by a blue flash of light and then a large explosion from up in the hills all in a fraction of a second.This was on a clear night with no clouds at all,I know it was puzzling,as it was not lightening.Later That morning we found our phone lines and phone fax machine fried.The technician who came to fix it Said That our line and our only line was affected and was blown five kilometeres back at the junction box.

Source: olivieromannucci.blogspot.com

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Where to buy moving boxes

I know this isn't the exactly right place to post this, but I'm hoping some handy people here can help me.
I need to buy some moving boxes, but they have to be a very specific size like these:
We will be using them to move records. Does anyone know a place in San Francisco where we could buy something like this? The shipping charges are a little prohibative for something like this. The boxes would be $61.00 for a hundred, but the shipping would be like $35.00 which hardly seems worth it.

Well, that's done it, I am moving

Going to try to be out of my house by the end of June. Packed up one whole bookcase last night and it took 5 bloody boxes! I am going to need a gazillion moving boxes. I can't keep the place on my own right now and since the SO and I are breaking up, I can either move out of my house, rent it or sell it, or I can get renters in. Anyone have any suggestions?
I just loaned my Dad a ton of money so he can buy himself a flat and don't want to get into my investments if I can help it.

Legal Advice re: BAD movers??

My sister just moved with an alleged A rated BBB company. The movers got grease all over her carpets in her place she moves out of (trying to get her deposit back), broke a $300 nightstand (part of a matching set) & lied about it, were hostile and misogynistic towards her...One kept cursing, all her clothes fell off their crappy wardrobe boxes..Load time was two hours for not much furniture (double what legitimate movers would take). At the new place half mile away, they got in a screaming match with another tenant whose garage they blocked. Two of the movers walked off the job. Several items are broken, missing, and some of the items she & two friends hand carried over the nite before are 8missing*

Borders Without Scruples  — CounterPunch
From one small room within London's Ecuadorian Embassy, the future looks, let us say, very sanguine indeed. This over-here, over-there ... Create a pretense for moving shit around and boxes are bound to fall off the back of the truck.

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Yep, she pretty much took his heart, dropped it on the ground, and let it get dusty like a lost Chapstick under a movie-theater chair, picked it up, and kicked it the hell out her life. Then she gets on the .. Tons of moving boxes and luggage.

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Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Recap: "A" Is Finally Revealed!  — Glamour
Yep, she pretty much took his heart, dropped it on the ground, and let it get dusty like a lost Chapstick under a movie-theater chair, picked it up, and kicked it the hell out her life. Then she gets on the .. Tons of moving boxes and luggage.

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  • Avatar manny3000 Can you and another person build a single family home using supplies purchased from Home Depot?
    Apr 09, 2007 by manny3000 | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    Using ONLY supplies from Home Depot or Lowe's, is it realistic, or even possible for two people, using only their hands, a truck, and a floor plan, to construct an entire house by themselves? If so, what will the cost be compared to buying the house already made?

    • Think about it this way. Are you a plumber? Are you an electrician? Are you a mason? Are you a carpenter? Are you a cabinet maker? Are you a finish carpenter? Are you a roofer? Are you a heating/cooling technician? Are yo … yes its possible , almost anything is possible, IF you are able to do all the jobs that I mentioned above with average competency. Otherwise forgo the ulcers, headaches and high blood pressure and let the pros handle it.

  • Avatar n. s. What do you use to paint over panelling cupboards?
    Jul 31, 2007 by n. s. | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I'm moving into a house in a few weeks, and the cupboards are panelling and are peeling a little. I'm just wondering what kind of paint I should use to paint over it?
    Sorry.I need prep info too. Thanks!

    • A good quality latex would be fine, Use a Gloss or semi gloss, as this can hold up to scrubbing. Of course do your prep, as thats the most important. But you only asked about kind of paint

      In additon to: I …s.

      NOTE: !!! I just found out by a major paint manufacture rep that they are banning the use and production of oil base paint, pretty soon you wont' be able to buy it because of the EPA. Has too much toxins

  • Avatar greg_s_va What is the best way to get bumper stickers off?
    Jan 22, 2007 by greg_s_va | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    I just bought an old Honda CRX to sport around in. The only problem is that it is covered in obscene bumber stickers. What is the easiest way to get them off without destroying the paint job?

    • Heat them with a hair-drier, they should peel off easily. ANy sticky residue can be removed with a solvent such as alcohol, acetone, methylated spirit or ordinary gas.