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Major retailers in California  August 28, 2013 – 22:47

Major retailers in California

Where to buy organic or wholesale? Where to find a power adapter or a phone charger? Where to get a water bed or a plasma screen? Some names in retail to know in California, as if you had always lived.

Generally, you should know that, unlike the French hypermarkets where you can walk away with cherries promotion, an album by Marc Levy (also discounted) and a titanium bike, the U.S., he rarely mix food with the rest. You will find in California, food and cosmetics supermarkets, bookstores, furniture stores, garden centers, bike shops ...

Furniture - Equipment

Big Lots

To equip themselves for less, Big Lots management: inside, it's a bit of a mess (especially late in the day) but you will find almost everything and at ridiculous prices: carpets, beds and mattresses , linens, lamps, tables, chairs ... If you are looking for quality, go your way, otherwise it really worth it.




Supplies - Electrical

Home Depot - Lowes - Orchard Supply Hardware

Want to paint the Master in pistachio green, or build a cabin in the garden? Direction Home Depot, the U.S. equivalent of Leroy Merlin or Bricorama France. Here, all the necessities and luxuries to build, tinker, maintaining the house and garden. Along the same lines, chains Lowes and Orchard Supply Hardware are located in California.


Radio Shack

You have arrived in California with your lamps and your hair straightener makes you the incomparable English ... You can find all the adapters, current transformers and other cables and connections made at Radio Shack. But beware, the U.S. is 110V, and even with a transformer, your PC, lamps with dimmer ... may not appreciate the U.S. current account too. Your wallet either, because transformers worth much.


Electronics / Stereo / Telephony

Best Buy - Sears

In home appliances, and stereo and electronics, two brands have very competitive prices and a great choice for Best Buy and Sears. You'll find televisions, computers, mixers, vacuum cleaners ... Best Buy is somewhat equivalent to the Fnac. Sears is a much more popular store, and this is where you will best deal.

Pharmacy - Drugstore

America is the country's Drugstore, where this stuff so typical boxes of aspirin alongside lipsticks, the dry dog ​​and flip-flops. In California, the main signs are CVS - Walgreens - Rite Aid and Target. They are found in virtually every corner.

CVS - Walgreens - Rite Aid and Target

In fact, the "pharmacy" in the French sense of the term, is often at the far end of the store and delivers only medical prescriptions. Everything else is free shipping. Do not hesitate to still seek advice pharmacist who sleeps at the bottom of the rays.
In these drugstores, there are also grocery products (bread, milk, cereals), handy for forgetful because these signs are open up to 22 hours or 24h/24. Finally CVS and Walgreens offer the photo printing at very competitive prices. Last tip for a CVS, Walgreens looking for ... and vice versa. When one sets up his opponent moved immediately next. Long live the free market!

Source: frenchdistrict.com

Orbit Orbit 58322 Traveling Sprinkler
Lawn & Patio (Orbit)
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  • Avatar manny3000 Can you and another person build a single family home using supplies purchased from Home Depot?
    Apr 09, 2007 by manny3000 | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    Using ONLY supplies from Home Depot or Lowe's, is it realistic, or even possible for two people, using only their hands, a truck, and a floor plan, to construct an entire house by themselves? If so, what will the cost be compared to buying the house already made?

    • Think about it this way. Are you a plumber? Are you an electrician? Are you a mason? Are you a carpenter? Are you a cabinet maker? Are you a finish carpenter? Are you a roofer? Are you a heating/cooling technician? Are yo … yes its possible , almost anything is possible, IF you are able to do all the jobs that I mentioned above with average competency. Otherwise forgo the ulcers, headaches and high blood pressure and let the pros handle it.

  • Avatar n. s. What do you use to paint over panelling cupboards?
    Jul 31, 2007 by n. s. | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I'm moving into a house in a few weeks, and the cupboards are panelling and are peeling a little. I'm just wondering what kind of paint I should use to paint over it?
    Sorry.I need prep info too. Thanks!

    • A good quality latex would be fine, Use a Gloss or semi gloss, as this can hold up to scrubbing. Of course do your prep, as thats the most important. But you only asked about kind of paint

      In additon to: I …s.

      NOTE: !!! I just found out by a major paint manufacture rep that they are banning the use and production of oil base paint, pretty soon you wont' be able to buy it because of the EPA. Has too much toxins