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Winnie The Secret Garden: [Costco] Seattle that product latte  August 28, 2013 – 22:47
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在天空部落發表於 winniea tribes published in the sky 13:25:37 | Snacks

COSTCO Weekly Specials sought-after commodity - "Seattle namely goods latte"

Where to buy: the province Costco Costco Special Period: 5/3 to 5/9 (only one week)
Price: $ 599, $ 489 yuan special

Drink "coffee force" people ... do not miss a good opportunity to ...
Costco currently the most sought-after hot commodity ... "Seattle namely goods latte"

Each box contains 100 into the package, with an average of 21 grams per pack ...
Original price $ 599 yuan, now special save $ 110 yuan ... now only $ 489 yuan

Such calculate an average of only $ 4.89 yuan package ... super bargain ...
No wonder the 5/3 day early in the morning, the whole Costco cars are per person will be stacked full of this product

Although triple brewing coffee, but do not drink it like a regular brew coffee so sweet, the taste is particularly fragrant! Just fine look at the coffee origin:
There Honduras, Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam and other places ...

Open the carton packaging, layered upper and lower layers 50 each installed package ...
You can buy a box of this drink a good few months ...
I can not help but suspect that once moved 20 boxes of 10 a few buyers ... drink to the Republic for hundreds of years??

Single package diagram to a recent photograph emblazoned with Seattle LOGO logo

Figure single photograph on the back of packages are also marked calories and ingredients in the 7-11 per pack takes about one to buy around $ 15, so buy really earn oh ...
Every morning after you can Biangong Shi cup of coffee, enjoy a happy Hello ...

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From someone who was in the military for 20 years, i have done ALOT of moves. of course, make sure you get your boxes from someone else. criaglist is a great place to find people trying to get rid of them. should save you gas you would use by driving around to stores to find them IF you find someone close to you to pick them up from. Gas is going to be a big expense for your move so make sure you pack well and tight and use a dolly bc those boxes will end up being heavy. Less boxes, less trips and less gas due to weight in the vehicle.
Of course, petition all your friends to give you newspaper for packing your breakables

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