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J-1 Moving and late work  November 29, 2011 – 00:00
Buy Moving Boxes at Uncle Bob's Self Storage

2 29 / 11 / Nov / 2011 14:48 Tuesday, November 29, 2011 February 29/11 / Nov / 2011 14:48

Here is a little more than a month that we do not post any new posts on our blog and for good reason: the move and weekends to enjoy the Guadeloupe!

The big problem is that we move to sort out his affairs! Never easy to know what you care or are abandoned. Fortunately, because of rent a furnished it simplifies things a bit.

To move, we took the option to send by post boxes in economic package. Indeed, by sending a groupage (1m3 boxes about 10 cartons) returned more expensive than sending economic package considering the fact that we had less than 1m3 boxes.

So we did a test sending 1 October 19: Successful! After 20 days off, the first package arrived safely a little damaged, but lossless. And go to the other filling cartons with a small taste of preparing our suitcases and backpacks! Taping, rope and weighed. Ouch! exceeded a few grams over 30kg. Refusal of the post. Two cartons again, re-taped and re-weigh. Finally, sending the last boxes was made on November 15, hope that everything happens! The result: 6 cartons for Delphine and Hubert 2 cartons.

The cards sent some cases sold, we are preparing our suitcases and bags for the city. Looking at our clothes we soon realize that we have nothing for the winter, for sure we will suffer from the cold! Just to think we have goosebumps at the same time we have forgotten what it was like to be really cold. Too bad we will put a triple thickness of small sweater and T-shirt.

During our last two months in Guadeloupe we have the opportunity to do things we wanted to rebuild and discover places not visited.

Saturday morning got up at 7:00, not a cloud in the mountains, the ideal time to redo the Soufriere and see the fumaroles at the top. Upon arrival, we were not disappointed a beautifully clear view of Grande-Terre, Marie Galante and Désirade far.

So we do some hiking and waterfalls sympathetic story we "warm up" for our trip! The first fall of Carbet waterfall Paradise Trace Great Discovery or the Parable waterfall that was never found and searched for 4 hours! That's the beginning of the adventure ...

Trace Malendure Anse Colas

Not forgetting of course our little scuba islet Pigeon Malendure:

And for the first time we did canyoning! An emotional experience with Dominique, our guide exciting and passionate about what he does. He introduces us to the forest and rich nature. We have made leaps and reminders including a 20m. Sure, we will renew canyoning in this state of mind! In short, we can say that we have quite enjoyed the last 2 months of everything that nature in Guadeloupe.

Hubert on the last reminder of 20meters high!

Here at J-1 before the end of work and the keys of the house and the car we feel excited about leaving for new adventures. We do not even realize that it is too, we will be backpacking the homeless! The beginning of the journey already begun a little ...

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Source: www.rdv-ailleurs.com

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Moving supplies, where to get cheaply?

If you go to home depot or u-haul, they really try to rip you off on the boxes.
Where do people without money to burn go to get moving boxes and bags?
What I've thought of so far: the supermarket, ask if you can take their produce boxes.
Also, buy paper bags from them because they are excellent for books. There's an appliance store near here that might have bigger boxes too.
But this seems a little beggarish and pauperish to me. Isn't there a place that sells cheap moving supplies?

Try UHaul

I'm almost certain they have the moving boxes with the clothes rail.
Home Depot has normal moving boxes (without hanging rails) at the best price.
Another good deal for books and heavy objects is at OfficeMax -- house-brand bankers-box-style boxes (with lids) are 10 for $10, and if you buy two packs of 10 you get the third free. Nice handles, stack perfectly, not so big as to get unwieldly heavy.

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Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Recap: "A" Is Finally Revealed!  — Glamour
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