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The following article talks about Greece to other European countries, to greed, debt and bankruptcy to human size and bureaucratic pettiness. Economy and mismanagement are addressed, democracy, and even the future.

Imagine that you are of legal age and relate their own income. This happens every day, and the consequences are not quite spectacular: you are creditworthy. Now I'll let you even get married and settle down. I can think of ancient terms: dowry and dowry. The own savings, wedding gifts, gifts of parents and in-laws, and the ominous dowry have allowed earlier to set up a household of their own. And I with "earlier" exception not mean the end of the Middle Ages, but fifties and sixties of the 20th Century.

The family moved into a new apartment - at that time was very much built - and established himself as well as the funds would permit. The apartment had first spartan, by and by was bought, the cheap compromise from the period finally ended up on the trash. After ten to twenty years, the apartment was ready furnished.

In addition to this conservative model was the model of the "Abstotterns", the installment payment. Buy now, pay later - the early consumption. A model that has worked wonderfully at this time. The apartment was fully furnished in a short time, through the Economic Miracle 'income grew by a pleasing and kept at modest rates.

And then came the time when this model worked less well, the period after 1990 the present. In the confidence that they could pay back the loans, as did their parents, with rising incomes, people have inflicted. Not only for home furnishings, but also for a nice car and a holiday trip. Spending deficit spending, money that you have not, but you in. wirtschaftet back in good times.

We highlight briefly what the pumped money was spent: There's quite a range of "investment": a stove to prepare food, saves money for restaurants. A fridge allows you to store food and to use special offers. In a car, one could argue that there was not enough a bicycle. However, many employers "mobility" expect, so we are generous and expect it to area of ‚Äč‚Äčinvestment, at least with the proportionate share "a small Farm" would cost. The second category is for convenience, we call it "culture": this includes the furniture and the proportion of the family car, which was upped to represent. Yes, you can sleep on the air mattress, store the clothes in the moving box and use the discarded camping equipment to the in-laws as dining area. A solid wood wall unit, a leather sofa and a designer bedroom look natural much better, just cultivated. There remains the pleasure, which would have to be classified as "waste". The friendly term for this is "consumption".

Source: www.freies-netz-sued.net

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Moving supplies, where to get cheaply?

If you go to home depot or u-haul, they really try to rip you off on the boxes.
Where do people without money to burn go to get moving boxes and bags?
What I've thought of so far: the supermarket, ask if you can take their produce boxes.
Also, buy paper bags from them because they are excellent for books. There's an appliance store near here that might have bigger boxes too.
But this seems a little beggarish and pauperish to me. Isn't there a place that sells cheap moving supplies?

Try UHaul

I'm almost certain they have the moving boxes with the clothes rail.
Home Depot has normal moving boxes (without hanging rails) at the best price.
Another good deal for books and heavy objects is at OfficeMax -- house-brand bankers-box-style boxes (with lids) are 10 for $10, and if you buy two packs of 10 you get the third free. Nice handles, stack perfectly, not so big as to get unwieldly heavy.

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