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Boxes 4 U | Dallas Fort Worth Texas

The American Dust Bowl Returns

Research published recently in the journal Science concluded that the Southwestern U.S. has already transitioned into permanent dust-bowl conditions. The storage capacity of the Colorado River system has been reduced by half between 1999 and 2007. The river supplies water to more than 30 million people, including residents of Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Denver. The most troubling fact: More people are moving to the Southwest than to any other part of the country. More people and no water to sustain them? That spells water wars by 2020.

Get a nic and stop lying, we can talk. 'Til then

"While the Abraham Lincoln and four accompanying ships represented the vanguard of American emergency aid to Indonesia, American officials said seven more vessels led by the amphibious assault ship Bonhomme Richard were steaming west from the South China Sea with more supplies and were expected to be off the coast of Sri Lanka in the coming week, a Pentagon spokesman said.
Military officials said that yet another convoy, six slower-moving ships loaded with food, water, blankets and a 500-bed portable hospital, was en route from Guam, but was not expected to reach the stricken region for about two weeks

20 attacks a day?

There are daily news reports of American soldiers getting shot at in Iraq. Most of these are troops in trucks moving supplies. There is a 350 kilometer long MSR (Main Supply Route) going from Kuwait to Baghdad, plus hundreds of kilometers of branch supply routes going off to various U.S. bases. About 300 convoys a day roll up the highway from Kuwait. Hundreds of smaller convoys move troops and equipment around. About twenty convoys a day are attacked. The weapons used are AK-47s, RPG rockets and remotely controlled bombs on the side of the roads. On dirt roads, anti-vehicle mines will be used as well

Standex Int'l Corp. (SXI): Standex International Management Discusses Q4 2013 ..  — Seeking Alpha
In addition, over the next several months, we'll be opening a new finished goods distribution center for the Cooking Solutions Group located in Dallas, Texas, which we expect will improve customer satisfaction and improve working capital management ..

eForCity eForCity COTHPLUGUN01 Insten Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plug, White
CE (eForCity)
  • Converts power outlet when traveling to other countries. Includes a travel pouch for easy storage.
  • LED charging indicator. Color: white.
  • Works in worldwide: United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, South America,...apore, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, China, Japan, and more than 150 countries
Cityville Oak Park Apartments and Townhomes Dallas TX
"Taxation Trap"
Evan-Moor Educational Publishers History Pockets: Moving West, Grades 4-6+
Book (Evan-Moor Educational Publishers)
  • Grades - 4,5,6
  • Weight - 0.625
  • Depth - 8.50
  • Width - 11.00
  • Height - 0.25
American DJ Group of Companies American DJ Supply Inno Color Beam LED Lighting
Musical Instruments (American DJ Group of Companies)
  • 108-Watt High Output LED Moving Head Beam Effect With 36X 3-Watt LEDs
  • 3 Operational Modes: Dmx-512, Sound Active Or Master/Slave
  • Dimming: 0% - 100% 13.5-Degree Beam Angle 33 Built-In Color Macros Pan: 630-Degree; Tilt: 220-Degree
  • Iec Ac In/Out On Rear To Daisy Chain Power
American DJ Group of Companies American Dj H2O Led Water Effect Light
Musical Instruments (American DJ Group of Companies)
  • Used in homes, clubs, businesses, resturaunts andwhere you want to add a new dimension
  • Unit uses a single 22 watt LED light source and produces virtually no heat and uses very little power
  • LED source life rating 50,000 hours as no need to replace lamps several times yearly and low power consumption.
  • American DJ H20 LED Water / Fire Texture Projector LED Powered Comes With 33 and 52 Degree Lenses to increase or decrease the spread.
  • LED source life rating 50,000 hours as no need to replace lamps several times yearly and low power consumption.

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  • Avatar alex g Why do so many people say cali tight and then never been there?
    Jul 03, 2007 by alex g | Posted in Other - United States

    California is beautiful and is nice but here this dude joe m hit the nail on the head so i copied and pasted his comment and i have many things i typed like this . so here u go his then mine






    • What are you like 15 and have some serious inferiority complex b/c you are stuck living in one of the most backwards and worst states in America?

      I grew up in the Bay Area and live in San Diego currently an …CA just shows how jealous you are of this great state. You need to put another state down so you can justify living in such a crap hole of a state like Texas.

      the only thing is Texas is STEERS AND QUEERS!!

  • Avatar Elle How to get in a job in the USA being an Australia citizen?
    Nov 19, 2012 by Elle | Posted in Immigration

    I am dating an australian man and he is wanting to move to the USA for work and to be close to me. He just quit his job in Sydney (has 3 weeks left) and is trying to see his options. I live in Dallas, TX - but anywhere in …et a job in the US being an Aussie? What finance jobs could he be qualified for? Would they interview him without US papers first?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated! I REALLY want him to be closer to me!

    • To be able to offer him a job the employer would have to verify to the US government that they could not find a US citizen with the qualifications needed for the job.